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National Distribution Depot

In 1989 Big K invested in a freehold property and established its own packing plant in Norfolk on a 7.5 acre site. The advantage is that we can carry a significant stock holding in bulk as well as in finished goods. Due to the unpredictable English weather, this system of packing and stock holding ensures quality, continuity of supply and being able to react quickly to market needs, with deliveries usually being made within 72 hours of receiving an order.

In order to keep pace with the increased demands of the industry Big K has made substantial investment both at home and abroad. This includes establishing a joint venture with a company in South Africa to produce FSC products, that include disposable barbecues and instant light charcoal, charcoal and briquettes.

This is backed up with our own packing facilities for barbecue fuel lines in the UK.

Big K have recently completely rebuilt and modernised our production and warehousing facility in Stoke Ferry, Norfolk:

  • Warehousing space increased from 54,000 sq ft
    to 82,000 sq ft.
  • Stock holding capacity increased from 2,000 pallets to 8000 pallets.
  • Loading bays increased from 2 to 6.
  • Fully racked warehousing.
  • Less risk due to 3 separate warehouses compared to 1, with fully automated sprinkler system.

The combination of the above gives Big K a unique position in the market place!

About FSC

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ®) is an independent, not for profit, non-government organization, providing standard setting, trademark assurance and certification services for companies and organisations interested in responsible forestry. FSC provides Chain of Custody standards for manufacturers and processors of forest products. The Chain of Custody standards allow credible tracking of certified wood and wood products from certified forests through trade and manufacturing to committed retailers and consumers.

Big K & FSC

Big K has been an certified supplier of FSC certified goods since 1997. The FSC logo and label is used by Big K to denote that the product is sourced from FSC certified suppliers, and can be tracked throughout the production process. Big K Chain of Custody No. is TT-CoC-001015 (FSC Trademark) More about FSC can be downloaded from their website: